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: 2023  |  Volume : 37  |  Issue : 1  |  Page : 1--2

Thanks for authors' passion and reviewers' tireless devotion

Winston W Shen 
 Department of Psychiatry, Taipei Medical University; Psychiatry Research Center, Wang Fang Medical Center; Department of Psychiatry, School of Medicine, Taipei Medical University, Taipei, Taiwan

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Winston W Shen
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From February 1 to 5, 2023, the Ministry of Culture of Taiwan hosted an annual international book exhibition. It was participated by 470 book stores or publishers from 33 countries with Poland as the country of honor. This six-day event attracted about more than 500,000 visitors that is the record attendants comparable to pre-COVID-19 level in 2019 [1].

As in the previous years, I went to this exhibition for two occasions in two separate days. I have learned that Poland has five Nobel Prize laureates in literature. Through the presentation of music and gourmet, the Polish presented themselves with their uniqueness of multi-cultural characteristics [1]. All their on-site books were already sold out on day 4.

I also attended several forums and lectures in the exhibition. All authors of the books were enthusiastically shared their observation and belief. Thus, I keep wondering why authors have their compassion to write.

Coming back to the Taiwanese Journal of Psychiatry, I always admire the contributors' compassion to write. I welcome the patronage of submitting suitable manuscripts to the TJP.

In the past year, 2022, we published 38 articles in the TJP [Table 1]. Sixteen of them (42.1%) were contributed by international authors. The international contributors were from India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Nigeria, Oman, Philippines, Spain, and Thailand. As the editor-in-chief of the TJP, I always welcome those international contributions because they have given readers of the TJP new contents of articles and broader perspectives of the topics.{Table 1}

Based on the report of the 2022 human freedom index (www.freedomhouse.org), Taiwan is ranking 14th out of 165 nations in the world. This ranking means that Taiwan is the freest Asian country in both political rights and civil liberties.

In another updated detailed report on Taiwan (www.freedomhouse.org) on March 9, 2023, Taiwan kept its ranking as the second freest country in Asia and maintained its rating as seventh in the world in Freedom House's latest report on global freedom. Taiwan repeated last year's score of 94 out of 100, making it the second-freest country in Asia behind only Japan, which retained its score of 96. Taiwan is tied for seventh place in the world with Germany, Estonia, Chile, Barbados, and Iceland. In Freedom House's country report on Taiwan, the nation again scored 38 out of 40 for political rights and 56 out of 60 for civil liberties, yielding an overall score of 94, and it continues to be classified as a “free” country on the list. In this report, Sweden, Finland, and Norway tied for first place, New Zealand came in second, and Canada ranked third.

Besides the fact that Taiwan has vibrant and competitive democratic system, I also believe that internationalization in Taiwan with open and free atmosphere in all aspects (including the TJP) has something to do in earning high human freedom index for Taiwan.

Always, the TJP relies heavily on the tireless peer reviewers. All accepted article have to be approved by at least two reviewers, who can separate shaff (or bran) and rice clearly for me. As I pointed out in the past [2],[3], the word “peer” has two meanings in dictionary: a noun, a coeval; or a verb, to look for mistakes diligently. I realize that using peer review in choosing good manuscript may not be a perfect system, but that I do not know any other alternative method in screening manuscripts. [Table 2] lists reviewers in 2022. Here, I thank and salute them for putting their time and effort in gate-keeping the quality of articles published in the TJP.{Table 2}

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